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Mac OS Lion: Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Now available for your downloading pleasure.


Good news for those looking for a way to create a Lion Recovery volume. According to, it’s available now as a download from Apple. Here’s what they have to say: Apple released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant Monday, a free download that allows users to create a Lion Recovery volume on an external drive. This allows users to use […]

Mac OS X Lion: The best third-party apps with full screen support?


So you’ve been using Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion, and you’re lovin’ the full screen apps—well, at least for the Mac apps that offer full screen support. But what about 3rd-party apps for the Mac that also support full-screen mode when using Mac OS X Lion? Are there any? If so, are […]

Mac OS X Lion: Joining captive networks without a web browser.


A not-so-well-known feature of Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion, is one that those who frequent coffee shops and other “working” establishments are sure to love. Us included. Browserless login to captive Wi-Fi. TUAW outlines the process in a pretty simple way: If you’ve ever used one of these institutional wireless offerings, you […]

Mac OS X Lion: More than meets the eye.

Apple Display

Well, well. Look what those clever guys over at found. Some interesting evidence of something big that could be in the works: Ultra High Resolution Displays. According to Mac Rumors, it’s pretty simple. They write: For those who have downloaded Apple’s Xcode for Lion, you can enable “HiDPI” mode in the Quartz Debug application found in […]

Mac OS X Lion: What the critics really think.


So you know those of us at love the new Mac OS X Lion software from Apple, but what about the so-called experts from around the web? Well, tech blogger Brian Caulfield over at assembled a collection of great quotes from critics around the web. Here’s the list he pulled together: Walt Mossberg, […]