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Mac OS X Lion: Accepts any LDAP password.


Security issues, anyone? According to a recent post at, Mac OS X Lion has a major one. And one that could be a nightmare for network administrators everywhere. Here’s what has to say: For some reason, Macs running Lion that use LDAP to authenticate users to shared resources work just fine for the […]

Mac OS Lion: What don’t you like about Lion? No problem, just tweak it.


Well look at what we have here? A free download that let’s you tweak many of the new, little features in Apple’s new operating system—Mac OS X Lion—that may or may not bug the living ___ out of you. TUAW is where we came across this little gem called Lion Tweaks. And here’s what they […]

Mac OX Lion: The super-duper, wammer-jammer guide to everything Lion. And then some.


When enough is never enough, MacWorld is there for you…with an in-depth 132-page guide to anything and everything Mac OS X Lion. Seriously, check it out for yourself, as here’s what they have to say: In this book, we walk you through everything you need to know about Lion, starting with a comprehensive rundown of […]

Mac OS Lion: What to do if AutoCorrect is usually AutoWrong.


Been there, done that. You know, when you type something out and hit send before you realize autocorrect changed your text to read something else…something just a little awkward or embarrassing. Well, instead of just dealing with it every now and then, you can do in Lion what you can do in IOS. You can […]

Mac OS X Lion: How to change Mission Control and Dashboard image backgrounds.


Not a fan of the Mission Control and Dashboard images that come in Mac OS X Lion? Well, neither are we. But are you brave enough to try a nine-step process—that’s right, nine steps—to swap out backgrounds. Sounds too complicated you say. Well, tries to put it in simple terms. Are you ready? Are […]

Mac OS Lion: What happened to iSync?

isync screenshot

Were you one of the few (in Apple’s view apparently) still using iSync on the Mac. Well…not anymore. Not if you upgraded to Apple new operating system—Mac OS X Lion. That’s because, if you did, iSync is gone. Wiped from your system. How you ask? Well, shares the scoop: When you installed the new […]

Mac OS Lion: Cleaning up the Launchpad.


As much as we love the new Launchpad in Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion, we have to admit, when you first open up launchpad, the desktop is a mess. Apps are everywhere. Especially if you have Adobe CS4 and other third party apps on your computer. Well…have no fear, Launchpad Control is […]

Mac OS Lion Download – Over A Million In One Day


Sites all over the web, like, are reporting that Mac OS X Lion has been downloaded over a million times in one day. And at $30 a pop, it’s easy to see why. Best of all for Apple, early reviewers have raved about the new Apple operating system. Some say it’s the best operating […]