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Mac OS Lion: Signature for PDFs made easy.


Apple’s new operating system—OS X Lion—has made signing PDFs easier than ever. And does a great job of explaining this handy new feature. Here’s their take: It’s been possible to scan in your handwritten signature and sign documents in earlier versions of Mac OS X, but it was a complex process and one most […]

Mac OS Lion: What don’t you like about Lion? No problem, just tweak it.


Well look at what we have here? A free download that let’s you tweak many of the new, little features in Apple’s new operating system—Mac OS X Lion—that may or may not bug the living ___ out of you. TUAW is where we came across this little gem called Lion Tweaks. And here’s what they […]

Mac OS Lion: The Likes and Dislikes after one week.


One week with Mac OS X Lion and we can’t say enough good things. But that’s not the case for everyone. reports what writer harley Tsukayama of the Washington Post likes and dislikes about the new Apple operating system. It’s mostly positive, states TUAW, but they also say writer Hayley Tsukayama finds Lion a […]

Mac OS X Lion: Joining captive networks without a web browser.


A not-so-well-known feature of Apple’s new operating system, Mac OS X Lion, is one that those who frequent coffee shops and other “working” establishments are sure to love. Us included. Browserless login to captive Wi-Fi. TUAW outlines the process in a pretty simple way: If you’ve ever used one of these institutional wireless offerings, you […]