Mac OX Lion: The super-duper, wammer-jammer guide to everything Lion. And then some.


When enough is never enough, MacWorld is there for you…with an in-depth 132-page guide to anything and everything Mac OS X Lion. Seriously, check it out for yourself, as here’s what they have to say:

In this book, we walk you through everything you need to know about Lion, starting with a comprehensive rundown of all the new features present in this version of Mac OS X. We help you install Lion, troubleshoot any installation woes, and learn how to set up a boot disc or drive.

Once you’ve got Lion up and running, discover how to navigate the new interface by using Multi-Touch gestures, Mission Control, and Launchpad; share files in AirDrop; and control other screens via Screen Sharing. Avoid ever having to manually save documents again with Lion’s new Auto Save, Versions, and Resume features. Protect yourself from would-be data thieves by using Apple’s FileVault 2 encryption functionality. And finally, find out about tons of new features, big and small, that Apple has added to the OS’s included applications.

If it sounds like something you like, it’s available in just about every form—ibook, Kindle, CD-Rom, something called a printed book and more. Prices range from $9.99 to $24.99 depending on the form. They’ve also added a nice 23-page sample PDF for you viewing pleasure, and to convince you this is a must-buy book. What do you think? A must-buy?


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One Response to “Mac OX Lion: The super-duper, wammer-jammer guide to everything Lion. And then some.”

  1. paul Gravel says:

    Lion’s bugs:Apple’s Lion Million bugs.

    Can NOT open a back up drive on LaCie dual Quad.
    Corrected: I had to go to Sonnet Technology and wait 2 days in order to get an update for their Express/Card 34 reader. The problem was not with my La Cie.

    Found all my iTunes music library in my documents, and instead lost my original documents.
    Tried to recover with Time Machine but Time machine copied alias files that iTunes could NOT play, saying could NOT find original.

    Many folders are locked and receive error: Error message said:the file is locked because you did NOT make any changes recently.

    Lost folder on Desktop called Baseball and soccer, received error saying I do Not have PERMISSION to open a .jpg file in my child sport files.

    /Users/macbook/Desktop/Apple Lion.png

    /Users/macbook/Desktop/Apple Lion 2.png

    After reopening my computer on different days, folders on desktop seems to have disappeared.

    Can NOT restore folders from Time Machine directly on my desktop.

    iCal……….very hard to read.Too small text.

    Text coming from nowhere added in a Scotiabank statement copy on desktop.

    In Utility, disk images do NOT encrypt.

    And many more.Now they come with iPhone 4S…………..not worthed. Apple sucks.

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