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Mac OS Lion: What don’t you like about Lion? No problem, just tweak it.


Well look at what we have here? A free download that let’s you tweak many of the new, little features in Apple’s new operating system—Mac OS X Lion—that may or may not bug the living ___ out of you. TUAW is where we came across this little gem called Lion Tweaks. And here’s what they […]

Mac OS X Lion: What to do if you hate the Launchpad.


First off, we’ll admit. We’re fans of the Launchpad—the new iPad-like startup screen on Mac OS X Lion. Not the name, but the application. It’s pretty cool and handy. But we realize there’s different strokes for different folks, and we’ve heard rumblings of our own that some of you aren’t so excited about Launchpad. Well…never […]