Mac OS Lion: What happened to iSync?

isync screenshot

Were you one of the few (in Apple’s view apparently) still using iSync on the Mac. Well…not anymore. Not if you upgraded to Apple new operating system—Mac OS X Lion. That’s because, if you did, iSync is gone. Wiped from your system.

How you ask? Well, shares the scoop:

When you installed the new OS, Apple decided to delete Apple software that wasn’t part of the Lion distribution. It’s left a lot of hacked off customers who were using iSync with some older phones to sync contacts and calendars. iSync still functions just fine under Lion, but if you didn’t preserve it, Apple reached into your hard drive and obliterated it. It’s not just iSync that has gone to the world of Apple discontinued software.

What else is gone, you ask? The story lists another big one.

Front Row is also a goner, probably because Apple would love to sell you an Apple TV. Front Row will work under Lion, if you can get a copy via a Time Machine install for example, though it’s a less-than-optimal experience now that iTunes support has been pulled. Apple has posted a download link for a Front Row update, but not the whole app. 

So what do you think? Is it cool for Apple to go in to your system and pluck the goodies straight from your hard drive? We say, uncool. How ’bout you?

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