Mac OS Lion: Hate the new look of iCal in Lion?


You’re not alone. But someone did more than just complain, they actually did something about it. Over at, they created new images files to go inside and to give them an aluminium look like previous versions of OS X. And best of all, they gave the step-by-step on how to change it:

This is a simplified version of my previous post which uses a package installer to apply the skins automatically without you having to manually modify the and Address files.  The original manual process is still available for those that prefer to see whats actually being modified, but both methods effectively do exactly the same thing.

Click here to go to the manual installation instructions.

For the simplified installer based method, continue reading…

DMG files for Automatic Installation (Last updated 30/07/11)
Address Book Skin – 10.7_Address_Book_Skin_Installer.dmg
iCal Skin – 10.7_iCal_Skin_Installer.dmg

These skins are provided free of charge but please make a donation if you use them regularly :)

Nice job to for doing something about it—a great solution for those who aren’t thrilled about the new look of iCal in Mac OS X Lion. Are you fan? If not, will you be changing based on this solution?

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2 Responses to “Mac OS Lion: Hate the new look of iCal in Lion?”

  1. spalding says:

    yes, the new look address book and iCal are truly awful. Very un-Mac. They’re tacky. So bad that i refuse to upgrade to Lion! It looks like the sort of shite i’d expect from a cheap PC.

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