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Mac OS Lion: Ships without Flash Player, but can it stay that way?


Apple’s new operating ships with Flash Player installed. But what about all the Flash video on the web? Well, you can either install the battery-draining software or look for another option. But is there really another option? Well, according to this article by, there is…and here’s what they have to say: …the FlashtoHTML5 extension […]

Mac OX Lion: The super-duper, wammer-jammer guide to everything Lion. And then some.


When enough is never enough, MacWorld is there for you…with an in-depth 132-page guide to anything and everything Mac OS X Lion. Seriously, check it out for yourself, as here’s what they have to say: In this book, we walk you through everything you need to know about Lion, starting with a comprehensive rundown of […]

Mac OS Lion: More tips and tricks from around the web.


We received and shared many a tips since the launch of Apple new operating system—Mac OS X Lion. From scrolling to saving to organizing apps, there’s a load of great stuff out there. Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve come across one site that’s done a great job of listing and outlining some of […]

The New Apple OS: Mac OS Lion – What To Do First


According to, there’s nine things to do after installing Mac OS X Lion, and we think it’s a pretty good list. Except for number three. Here is TechCrunch’s list of nine, and our take after each.    Leave It Alone For A Few Hours – My computer took 7 hours to reindex the hard […]